Wahoo, I beat EQ2!

April 18th, 2010

Well, I did it! Ding'ed 90 with my Warden in Everquest II! Actually, I had run out of quests to do, so I was doing instance dungeons to get that last bit of XP, and I got stuck at 99%, so I ended up blowing a plat buying collectibles and turning them in for the last bit of XP I needed to level. Felt a bit like cheating but, heck, I'm just thrilled with the result.

One of the neat features they added to EQ2 is that for each level 90 character you have, you get a 10% bonus when leveling up your other characters. This applies separately for adventure and tradeskill XP, so I already had the 10% bonus on tradeskills for a while now with Tailor 90, but this is the first time I've reached 90 on adventure, so I'm looking forward to coasting ever so slightly faster through the game with my alts.

On the topic of alts, I've got three now: a Necromancer that's tagged on my status here on soulrift.com, but also a Ranger and a Berserker. There's four main categories of character classes in EQ2, so I thought I'd flesh out a small stable and include one of each. I'm sort of switching between them as I go, since I don't really have the same desire to reach 90 as I did with my Warden. I guess now I can finally write about the end-game experience in EQ2's Sentinel's Fate expansion!

Posted by: Soulrift

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