Feedback Success! Questions Answered!

June 30th, 2010

Well my article on Final Fantasy XIV finally sparked some interest in my site, though perhaps cross-linking at Gamasutra helped, as did getting cross-cross linked to FFXIV Base. Hi Brandon! Anyhow, also successful was my integration of the feedback form into the main window. I got lots more feedback entries there, though the majority were... blank :(

I did get one interesting bit of feedback though, a question from Drew, asking about how potions and healing spells will work in FFXIV. I did state that health would not "regenerate" during combat; however, I should clarify that it doesn't automatically regenerate while you fight. I'm sure you can regain health with healing spells, potions, and the like, just like FFXI. I think the more shocking difference between FFXI (and presumably FFXIV) to other MMORPGs is that your mana doesn't regenerate during combat (aside from spells or potions that boost it), meaning that you can't just spam spells endlessly.

On a completely unrelated note, the release date for FFXIV has been announced at either Sept 22nd, Sept 30th, or something else thereabouts, depending on which site you check. I emailed the PR company for confirmation, but no response as yet. Once I find out for sure, I'll post an update.

Posted by: Soulrift

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