The Journey to Sentinel's Fate is about to begin!

February 18th, 2010

If you've been waiting for the perfect time to pick up Everquest II, now's your chance. The newest expansion, Sentinel's Fate, also contains all the prior expansions, which makes it perfect for anyone just starting out on their journey. A bunch of the changes are also geared towards new players, such as simplifying the dozen or so resists into just three, and consolidating the various types of ability boosts into just "ability boost" that applies to everything. The Alternate Advancement overhaul should also make it simpler for new players to find something interesting to pick without gimping their character.

Of course, Sentinel's Fate is mainly an expansion for vets of EQ2, adding 10 more levels of content (bringing the max to 90), full of areas to explore, quests to complete, monsters to fight, and items to loot. The AA overhaul also added a new set of class abilities for existing players, though they're pretty deep in the AA trees (60 to 90 AA points to unlock).

In any event, my journey to Sentinel's Fate begins today! I'll be updating with feedback on the new sights in the latest expansion, so you can follow along here or join me in game: I'm on the Lucan D'Lere server currently, with two characters: my Warden Pyria and my Necromancer Soulrift. Hope to see you in-game!

Posted by: Soulrift

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