First EQ2 event? Status Contest!

February 22nd, 2010

Well to get started on my journey to Sentinel's Fate I loaded up the game, picked up my old Kerra Warden (it's a cat that turns into a dog!) and wondered where to begin my adventure. Thankfully, my guild had a perfect starting point: a contest to generate enough status to level up the guild! 1 point per writ, 10 points per HQ, and 48 hours to rake up as much as possible in the hope of bringing the guild from level 80 (the cap prior to Sentinel's Fate) up to 81.

To put all this into context for new EQ2 players, the game features a point system called "status" that players can earn when they are a part of a guild. There are two main ways of getting status: doing writs (which are simple "kill twelve rats" or "craft six boots" style repeatable quests) which earn you a handful of status, and Heritage Quests, which are large epic adventures that have unique awards, including a big chunk of status. Your guild gains 10% of all the status you get for yourself, so if you earn 1000 status, you generate 100 for your guild. Guild status is like XP for the guild, and with enough status your guild goes up levels, gaining access to a bigger guild hall and lots of other perks!

I was pretty gung-ho about the HQ part of the contest. I had bypassed a number of interesting HQs and this was a great opportunity to go back and complete them. I managed to do 5 in the two days (pretty impressive, eh?) along with 51 writs (mix of adventure and crafting) for 101 points! That put me in second place for the contest, behind a guildmade who blitzed through a whopping 151 writs (to be fair, evil players in that particular level bracket have a lot of overlapping writs, meaning 2 or 3 quests to kill the same type of monster). Still, I had a great time and ended up at level 70 adventure level and 78 crafting level, so Sentinel's Fate and its new content feels closer than ever!

Posted by: Soulrift

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