Challenges with EQ2 Itemization

February 26th, 2010

I noticed an odd issue in EQ2 since Sentinel's Fate: gear itemization seems really off sometimes. As I understand it, in a recent expansion (not sure if it's Sentinel's Fate or something that came out earlier) the effects of stats have been completely revamped in order to simplify things. For example, it used to be the case that, for my Warden, Strength boosted melee damage, Wisdom boosted healing effects, and Intelligence boosted spell damage. Now, Wisdom boosts all three and Str and Int do nothing. The problem, of course, is that all the gear is itemized for the old system. "Woven" leather armor has Wis and Int on it, designed to boost both types of spells prior to the change, now the Int is just wasted itemization points.

I guess with the bajillion items in the game, it would have been exceedingly difficult to go back and adjust everything, but the biggest problem is that a lot of gear has a mix of stats intended to keep players balanced across all the stats that used to be important. Maybe SOE should have gone back and assigned every item just one of the four "class" stats (the fifth stat, Stamina, is of use by everyone for more HP). Of course, then they may as well just assign every item directly to a class group while they're at it. The result would be a pretty ugly loot system where every there would be no cross-over between classes using gear. If a necklace has a mix of wis and int, perhaps both a mage or a priest would use it.

Well anyhow, that's just a bit of a ramble while I keep grinding my way up to level 80!

Posted by: Soulrift

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