Trekin' Through the Jungle

March 2nd, 2010

The journey to Sentinel's Fate is a bit mired at the moment. After coasting merrily from 70 to 75 in the Keylong Plains, the first of four zones introduced in the Rise of Kunark expansion, I've hit a bit of a roadblock in my progress to level 80 and entry to the Sundered Frontier, the first of Sentinel's Fate's areas. Whilst Keylong had plenty of easy quests and a relatively easy environment to navigate, the next few zones haven't been as forgiving. In particular, the Kunzar Jungle, the area I've so far settled into, has a particularly irksome crowd: factions!

Plenty of MMORPGs use "faction standing" in one form or another to determine player access to zones or content and/or determining whether or not certain monsters aggro the player. Usually these involve doing some sort of quests to earn faction to 'open' an area, such as by making monsters there not aggro so you can move through safely. The biggest challenge is not accidentally lowering faction you're working on raising by killing faction mobs. Kunzar Jungle makes this whole process nigh nightmarish because there's 4 or 5 factions you want to improve faction with and they all start out aggro. You can't so much as trip over a tree root without aggroing one or the other, and you can't just fight them off or you ruin your faction efforts.

Ugh. Plenty of tippy-toeing around but I think I managed to de-aggro most of the factions. Just have to keep grinding quests and I'll hit 80... soon?

Posted by: Soulrift

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