Myriad Updates

June 19th, 2011

So today's post doesn't really fit into one game category; more of a collection of small updates I wanted to share.

RIFT: I've been playing less and less Rift lately. I've basically reached a point in Rift similar to that I reached in WoW: I log in to raid and that's about it. I rarely do any dungeons anymore and I'm not even leveling up any alts. I think the problem I have in these sorts of MMOs is the heavy emphasis on gear-based progression. Whatever rewards I get from dungeons and world events are meaningless once I start picking up random raid loot. And the randomness of that raid loot does particular damage to my desire to try and stay up to date, gear-wise. Even if I work hard for a week to get a new dagger, it could be a matter of minutes before I get another upgrade and toss all my hard work away. So why work at all? Just sit back, coast through the content, and let the upgrades make their way to me at their own pace. Bad design, IMO, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

Age of Conan: I messed around some more with my Necromancer and got to level 13... I think. The game quickly degenerated from a rather onerous single-player quest to a mish-mash of single-player quests. I think I picked up 20 in the same area before I gave up looking for floating quest indicators. Even worse is that the core game mechanics themselves are not getting any more interesting. After I gained access to the game's talent trees I browsed through in the hopes of finding anything that piqued my interest but I was woefully disappointed with the options presented there. Haven't really logged in again since. Sorry Craig :(

Final Fantasy XIV: Haven't logged in to this for a long while either. Even though I still like the basic concept of it, the lack of content is bewildering. I don't really know how the game made it out in the state its in. I'm also not sure it can make a come-back. Even after Squeenix overhauls the sorry mess that is the current core game systems, they still have oodles and oodles of content they need to catch up on. It'd be nice if they made it work, but I stopped holding my breath for it.

Forsaken World: When I first read a review of this at I thought it might be interesting but ended up not trying it. Now that it's part of Steam's opening F2P offering, I figured I'd give it a try. I'm not really sure what I make of it, yet. On the one hand, it seems like the item mall items aren't game-breakingly necessary to play. On the other hand, the game's three different currencies and bizarre restrictions on everything make it a bit of a chore to enjoy. There's a lot of unnecessary and uncomfortable restrictions on stuff, like how you have to identify gear Diablo-style... with scrolls you either get from quests (very rarely) or, of course, from the item mall. I haven't burned through my stack of "Welcome to the game" identify scrolls yet, but maybe I'll end up hating the game when I do. I'm going to play around a bit more before I pass judgment though. Maybe PWI will pass me a few Eyrda Leaves so I can test out the item mall for myself...

EVE Online: Despite being the target of some nasty hacks, EVE is supposed to release the initial Incarna update this week. I can't wait to check it out! I was really excited when I produced my new character portrait and I was hoping to see Gaylen wander around his captain's quarters...

And that's it for this update. Catch you next time!

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