The Sundered Frontier!

March 6th, 2010

I made it! Level 78, good enough to hop on over to the brand new expansion content and start checking it out!

That said, I want to issue another complaint about stats and itemization in EQ2. Yesterday I had two items to pick from: one with +wis and one with +ability modifier. So I tried to figure out what, exactly, the two did for my variou spells and abilities, by unequipping one item with just +40 wis and one item with just +40 am and comparing stats. What I found really confused me.

I looked at five abilities: Primordial Strike (a quick melee attack), Dawnstrike (a fire-damage melee attack), Dawnstrike (a fire-damage spell nuke), Sylvan Bloom (primary heal), and Photosynthesis (heal over time). +40 Wisdom added a bit to the first three (9-24, 13-15, 10-12) and NOTHING for either of the heals. +40 Ability Mod added 0-33 to priomordial strike, nothing at all to the spell version of Dawnstrike, and 40-40 for the other three. If you can figure out the math, please let me know.

In any event, the take-away was clear: wisdom adds nothing at all to healing, only attacks. That's right, I'm a healer, and no stat in the entire game except for Ability Modifier boosted my heals. If that isn't completely messed up, I don't know what else is. Oh, wait, I do: the new mastercrafted armor introduced in Sentinel's Fate has no +AM on it. If I "upgrade" my armor, I lose nearly +200 AM. That's a huge loss, consider it cuts my primary heal from 1000 down to 800.

SOE: you really need to fix up stats and itemization.

Anyways, hopefully the rest of my experience with the new expansion will be better.

Posted by: Soulrift

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