Champions Online Archetype Rotation

October 14th, 2011

Champions Online has just revealed a new promotion: for a limited time, the current premium archetypes are going on free rotation. This means players can play the premium archetypes for a week each, with a free respec offered at the end of each week so you can keep on playing with the same character in a new archetype. Pretty nifty, as it harnesses the respec potential of the game to give players a continuous tour of game content through a series of different premium perspectives.

Champions Online is somewhat of an odd-ball in the Freemium MMO scheme because they actually have three levels of character creation: free archetypes, premium archetypes (one-time unlock microtransaction), and free-form characters (which require gold subscription). What bugs me the most about CO is that if you cancel your subscription, your free-form champions are locked away until you subscribe again; you cannot purchase a one-time unlock for those characters. That means that anyone who played CO during its subscription days cannot come back and pick up the game and play for free, certainly not in the same way that returners could dabble in DDO or LOTRO or AoC or any other Freemium title.

That basically killed CO for me. I installed the F2P client, tried one of the locked archetypes, but the whole point of the game for me was the character customization. Playing CO without a custom character was like playing D&D with a pre-built character; the point of playing was largely defeated. So I don't know how much better a "premium" archetype is over a free one, since neither lets me use the two characters I already have on my account and wish I could log back in on and play.

Posted by: Soulrift

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